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Toddler Mommy Stories
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This blog is all about putting a smile on your face. Toddlers can say and do the cutest things. Here I will share the joys of being a mommy of 2 toddlers.
Holidays upon us - be well!
Well the holidays are upon us. Since last Friday, I have already noticed somethings happening that I wish would not.  People are rushing around, cutting people off in their cars, taking a parking space by cutting in front of someone already waiting, being rude in stores, getting frustrated with cashiers, etc.  Why is it that as soon as holiday shopping season is among us many lose their sense of courtesy & manners???

I'd like to take a stand... maybe we would all be much happier this holiday season if we remember the spirit of the holidays.  So please, take a deep breath of fresh cool winter air, and remember what the season is supposed to be about: happiness, giving, love, family, spending time with those you love; the closing of one year and the beginning of the next.  Let's all end this year appreciating the small things, and remembering that the shopping, gifts, etc should come second to the more important aspects.

Be Well.
Happy Holidays.
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Growing fast!
Well, I can't believe how fast time is going.  My daughter just started potty training, which is quite fun! My son started pre-school, and loves it!  The weather is still nice enough for family walks after dinner... I guess I have to say "Life is good".

I was trying to find ways to get my kids to be a little more self-sufficient... I just found these cute charts on the chuck e cheese website.  I guess they help your child reach certain goals, for example getting dressed.  My son loves having others get him dressed, but at age 3, he should really be at a point that he dresses himself, so we printed out the chart, and if every day for 2 weeks straight he dresses himself, we'll go play at chuck e's... and if we bring the chart, he gets 10 free tokens!  He is so excited... we have only one more day left, and I'm hoping afterwards he will continue the getting dressed trend, even if I have to continue putting stars on a sheet of paper (every time he gets dressed, we draw a star on that day).
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Already Three!
Over the weekend, we had our son's third birthday!  I can't believe he's already three.  We did a dump-truck themed birthday party. It was a lot of fun, for him & mama/dada had a lot of fun organizing it!  We had yellow hard hats for the boys & pink hard hats for the girls.  We ordered a plain cake and then decorated it ourselves with matchbox trucks, used oreo cookie crumbs to make a road, cut out a chunk of the cake and used chocolate rocks to show that section of cake as still being built.

Among his favorite gifts, was a brand new bike!  He was so excited to have "a big bike!" 

The kids had a blast & it was a great way to celebrate my son's 3rd birthday! 
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Talking more than ever
I must say, I couldn't wait for my daughter to start communicating, and now that she is, it's such a relief.  We have finally come to a point where she says mama, dada, whe yle (where's cyle)? milk, cup, eat, snack, up, uplease (up please), please, tayn-to (thank you), i do, mine, etc. I've gotta say... life has just become so much easier.  No more crying, screaming, whining, temper tantrums from not being able to tell us what she wants.  *phew*, glad that's gotten better. :)

My son, on the otherhand is almost 3 and I don't think I have a minute of silence... he is definitely my little talker, and lately everything has been "why".
"why mama?"
"why we going this way?"
"why do i have to eat lunch?"
"why are we going to the store?"
"why can't I play with my friends today?"

I now officially know answers to almost every why question there is... and if I don't, I have finally caved and used the infamous "Because I Said So!" I swore I would never say it... but I did. Since using that phrase, I have finally come up with a better phrase, "why do you think?" in hopes to get him to think about it and maybe remember some of the dozens of answers I have given him to the questions he asks over and over again.  My only concern is that someday, I will ask him why, and he will throw that answer back my way. ;)
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It's time to eat dutt!
Well I must say that having an almost-2 and almost-3 year old has been keeping me on my toes lately.  They have truly been keeping mama and dada very busy.  I must say that my daughter is very attached to her stuffed duck, or as she calls it "dutt".  Dutt is her best friend (aside from her brother).  She takes him everywhere.  She even puts it in her doll stroller & tries to dress it, etc.  One morning after feeding my daughter some oatmeal and letting her get down, I went to get my son dressed in his bedroom.  I came back into my kitchen to find my daughter with the bowl of oatmeal and a spoon in her hand. I asked her what she was doing and as she pointed to her booster seat, she exclaimed with the cutest little smile on her face "Dutt Eat!".  I looked over to find her duck in her chair, with a bib she had put on it, and lots of oatmeal all over his beak and the chair.  I guess the duck was hungry. Needless to say we had a good laugh and it was quite the mess to pick up.  Gotta love 2 & 3 year olds!  It was pretty cute! I guess I have a little mother hen trying to take care of her baby duck.

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How was your good day?
Last night, as I was about to sit down for dinner with my husband & 2 children, my 2 1/2 year old chimed in with a question.

"Mama, dada. (pause) How was your good day?"

"I had a great day!" I responded.

My husband added "How was your day?"

"No. Dada didn't answer me. How was your good day?"

With a chuckle, my husband reponded, "great. how was your day?"

"Good! I plaaaayed...and um, I, I, ate, and I, I, um, didn't play outside. it's wet out there," he then paused to take a bite of his dinner... "mmmm... mama this is good steak!", another bite "mmm... good rice too. Thank you for the cooking mama."

Although this conversation may not sound as cute to you, it made me realize how much our children learn from our behaviors & mannerisms.  Every night when we sit down to have dinner, my husband and I typically have a conversation regarding how our day went, and we often ask each other to name three good things that have happened to us today.

My husband almost always thanks me for preparing or cooking dinner for the family.  Who would've known that our 2 1/2 year old was paying so much attention???
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Mother of the Year

I'm not sure if you are the same, but in my house, I feel like I'm juggling many hats... I'm a mom, part-time employee, house-cleaner, dinner-cooker, etc.  Let me just say that I adore and appreciate my husband very much... he also does all of the above, except he works full-time.  We try to have a lot of laughs in the household to make it a fun environment for our children and to help us stay away from getting stressed out.  We have developed a series of awards among ourselves as well as with our friends.  My favorite is the "Mother of the Year" award.  Every time we have one of those oops-moments as a mom, someone mentions "another nomination for mother of the year".  It's a great way to laugh off some of those moments and look past them.

Let's face it, no one is perfect, we can't be on top of our kids 24/7 and we all make mistakes.  We try our best and that's what counts.  I've gotta say, I'm definitely winning the MOY award this year... I have lots of stories I will share at a later date!

Cheers! Relax & enjoy the precious moments you have with your family.  And don't forget to laugh a little.

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Enjoying my toddlers
I'd like to start my first blog post by expressing how much I love being a mother.  I have two absolutely terrific toddlers - my daughter is 1 1/2 and my son is 2 1/2.  They are so fun!  It is amazing to watch them grow and learn... it's like you can see the gears in their head spinning as they take-in life.

I'm surrounded by little ones... I also have neices & nephews and friends with tots.  It's fun to share all the stories and all those cute little moments.  I look forward to sharing all these wonderful experiences in my blog, and hopefullly putting a smile on your face.

I would like to start off with a cute little story.

We were at a family holiday party and my son was playing with one of the other 2 year old children.  The child was in a "biting stage" and bit my son's sweater.  With the most serious expression my son turned to the little boy, pointed his finger near the boys face and firmly said "No EATING my sweater. <pause> I'm wearing it".  To this day I still chuckle at this story.

I look forward to writing more in the future.
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